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Equalizing (Day/Night)

This date is a close as we can get to the actual Equinox without going over (hint: It’s actually the next Tuesday). Equal days. Equal nights. We’ve been living through extraordinarily challenging times. Maybe we can begin to provide some balance and connection (at a safe distance with appropriate measures and all that). While it […]

The more we get together

In 1980 when I first met Chris Benson, I was really struck by his, “everyday is like Christmas” attitude. Years later working and writing for Bill that same spirit was refined to his version “when I get to see you at the oyster bar.” I had my first large-ish (outdoors and all safe distances) event […]

Where to start?

I hardly know where to begin. This month brought amazing natural phenomenons, sounds & fury, devastation & loss. Given all the impacts of the CZU complex fires, here’s a resource for everyone. If you need help, please look here. If you can provide assistance, please reference this site to guide you. If you  can please […]

Getting Closer

This month featured National Oyster Day. I miss y’all now more than ever. Times being what they are, it will a spell before large scale parties happen. I have been in regular contact with the farms. The supply is plentiful and great quality.  Your oyster connect is now active for delivery or pick-up once a week. […]

Biding My Time

Yes, we will be back once the new world order allows. I’ve been spending time thinking through what that “on-ramp” might be like. There’s a lot to consider. The top priority is safety. I am tracking closely both CDC and EHS updates and guidance. I’ve also been spending time connecting, and reconnecting with important folks […]

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