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The spirit rides on

Yes, the Bill the Oysterman energy will continue even though he left this plane of existence. Many of you know me from the past decade or so of working with Bill or representing his love for y’all. We shared so many friends and experiences along the way, how could I stop now?  The working title […]

Celebrate Bill the Oysterman

Please join us to celebrate the life and times of Bill the Oysterman (aka Bill Callahan). He has touched us all in so many positive ways and his presence is missed daily. No one will ever fill his shoes (13EEE you may have heard). We want to gather and celebrate. Stories, songs, and (haha) quite […]

Son of Bill (the spirit lives on)

After Bill left this mortal world, folks have been asking about the fate of the business.  Bill was one of a kind, and no one can fill those size 13 EEEE shoes. He was great at bringing people together and sharing the joy and love of the moment. He built a strong team to replicate […]

Sad News (but the spirit lives on)

With a heavy heart, while also hearing Bill’s great laugh ring out, we want you to know that Bill left this mortal Earth on Friday December 6, 2019. We will continue to serve amazing oysters at the few remaining events this year to honor previously made commitments.  When business decisions are final we will update […]

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