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Goodbye 2020. More Fun in ’21!

I wanted you to know me better even though we can’t congregate right now. Hopefully SIP will ease soon. This darkness has got to fade. This is a look back at my culinary beginnings. This was my yesterday. Shortly I will post my “today” and future direction. In the meantime, I hope you will subscribe […]

Will the circle be unbroken?

I am feeling quite introspective this week. So much in flux, and still some progress. Setting aside the national scene, I’ve been reflecting on great progress within my family. My youngest daughter (by 45 seconds) closed escrow on her first house. It is an amazing feat to accomplish that as a single person; in California […]

Rules of the (oyster bar) Road

In addition to plexiglass shields, nitrile gloves, and other safety procedures, I thought you might be interested in our approach to small outdoor events. Let’s all be safe out there. Please follow both the specifics and spirit of the safety measures of our host. See the mark. Hit the mark. If safe distance/traffic flow markers […]

Equalizing (Day/Night)

This date is a close as we can get to the actual Equinox without going over (hint: It’s actually the next Tuesday). Equal days. Equal nights. We’ve been living through extraordinarily challenging times. Maybe we can begin to provide some balance and connection (at a safe distance with appropriate measures and all that). While it […]

The more we get together

In 1980 when I first met Chris Benson, I was really struck by his, “everyday is like Christmas” attitude. Years later working and writing for Bill that same spirit was refined to his version “when I get to see you at the oyster bar.” I had my first large-ish (outdoors and all safe distances) event […]

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