Friends of Bill the Oysterman

This section of the web site features friends of Bill the Oysterman. These are people who have helped me create many of the things you see when you visit my oyster bar. They are people that support me on a regular basis.

Katrina King is a metal sculptress and long time friend. In the past she worked at the oyster bar for many years. I dreamt the current oyster bar design and Katrina made my dreams come to life. Her creativity is evident to all who see the bar. She can be contacted at

Katrina King

The beautiful glass works like the jellyfish that hang above the bar, the sea urchin and the sea aenome are the creation of Paul De Somma. When I first met Paul it was evident from his art that he trained with the famous glass artist Dale Chihuly. Paul can be contacted at

Paul De Somma

When you see the oyster bar at night it is lit by glass jellyfish and other lighting devices. All the electrical lighting needs of my oyster bar are handled by Alan Woertink. Alan can be reached 408.272.1566. Alan is pictured on the left.

Alan Woertink

Floyd and Fred’s Hot Lime sauce was perfected by Floyd by serving it to oyster customers at the Los Gatos Farmers Market. I think it is an excellent sauce for oysters. You can order Floyd and Fred’s Hot Lime sauce directly from Floyd and Fred or you can visit their web site to find what stores in your area carry Floyd and Fred’s Hot Lime sauce. Their web site is

Floyd and Fred’s Hot Lime Sauce

Floyd and Fred’s Hot Lime Sauce Bottles

My company can be found serving oysters about once a month at Loma Prieta Winery. The owners Paul and Amy produce excellent wines. The view from the winery is superb. Paul and Amy can be reached at

Loma Prieta Winery



Reuell Warkov is a friend who sends out facebook notifications for all of my public appearances. We met one day when he walked past my oyster bar at the Los Gatos Farmers Market. I overheard him say that west coast oysters ‘sucked’ compared to east coast oysters. Reuell grew up on the east coast and is very knowledgable about food and seafood. Well when I heard his comment I came out of the bar and confronted him, telling him to eat an oyster and then make that comment. That day he learned west coast oysters were really good and I made a dear friend.

Reuell Warkov

I met Jack at the High Sierra Music Festival. He jumped into the bar and proved he was a great shucker. He opens the oysters from the “top side”. Jack can often be seen helping us set up and break down the oyster bar. Jack is a professional chef and has worked locally (the Shadowbrook) and in San Francisco (Mecca & Ducca) at fine dining establishments. Jack is a Santa Cruz Mountains man. He enjoys riding his Harley Davidson FXR motorcycle.

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