And now….

I have been experiencing much change. I retired from teaching in June. I realized going up and down stairs where I have lived for 36 years was not sustainable for me in the long run. So I have relocated to a one story home in Watsonville, It only has 3 stairs. (I’m selling my Pleasure […]

May flowers

    I wanted to start May by acknowledging the crews that mean so much to my business. We send as many as four separate teams out on any given weekend. I get to choose how many events, and where I go (kinda like Santa Claus, right?). At the same time, I know my spirit […]

March Miracle

  Miracle March Wow, can you believe all the rain that has finally come to our beautiful coast? It is truly a miracle March when you get to see all the vibrant green hills in their rebirth of spring. I marvel driving around at the beauty around us everyday. Of course, it is also amazing […]

        Early Christmas for all. As regular readers know, I really value your friendship. I have mentioned before that seeing you unexpectedly appear at my oyster bar is like a Christmas present for me. Last weekend at Capitola Art & Wine¬†was like the best Christmas ever. Not only did I get to […]

Bill the Oyster Man Newsletter

      How did I use those crabs I mentioned in my last post? Many salmon were also sacrificed as part of the coexistence project. The answer was that it takes 2.5 feet of water for salmon and crab to live in harmony. Today you can visit the oxidation ponds on the south side […]

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