Kiss the Skye

I just returned from a journey around the UK and Ireland. Along the way, I has some amazing oysters in some pretty elegant locations. That said, this was the spot that really spoke to my heart and oyster soul. Right by the water outside Portree on the Ilse of Skye, it is exactly as advertised. […]

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Trucking on

Yes, this how I appear in my neighborhood. Sometimes my good old ’75 Chevy truck gets into the mix (service). More than anything, I just have fun with my business. Why work like this if it’s not fun? As I’d say, the best decision you can make is to just show up. Who knows what […]

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April 6, 2024
  • Doon to Earth
    April 6, 2024


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Parker Presents: Bill Oysterman

My #1 goal in continuing the legacy of Bill Oysterman is to bring oyster goodness for all. That can be at a local winery, brewery, or other public venue (think Bonny Doon Art&Wine Festival). I work directly with the best oyster farms in the west coast to bring you the “best of the west.” My on-going friendship with the farmers creates a great feedback loop and are able to assure amazing oysters even when supplies are tight. I usually make the run to SF where the oyster arrive under cover of darkness each Friday. Since I am on the docks at 5am, I get my choice. I am particular enough about it that my nickname on the docks is Goldilocks.

My approach to pricing is all inclusive. That means one bottom-line number for your event. It helps your budget and allows me to scope the right amount of oysters for your party. When you hire my company we arrive early and stay late.. We keep serving until we run out of oysters or you lose interest, whichever happens first.

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