26th year of a wonderful tradition

Last weekend was my company’s 26th appearance in Woodside for a private backyard party known as the Woodside Oysterfest. This all started when the couple that hosts the party took a field class I was teaching for the Academy of Sciences on growing oysters.  In the early years it was just myself. Now we bring a volunteer army of 4 shuckers, two grill masters and three servers. This year the partygoers ate 1800 oysters: myagis, kusshis, kumamotos, eastern Diamond Points and 20 pounds of steamed mussels. We also served 25 pounds of lox and a shrimp dip (addictive to say the least) made with five pounds of fresh Oregon shrimp meat. After our oysters, it is one of the most popular items at the party. Add fairies on stilts, hoola-hoopers, and a magician to get an idea of the scene.

One of the many joys of being the oysterman is doing repeat parties. I get to know the guests, watch their families grow up and check in on where they are at in their life.  We always end the Oysterfest with a toast of excellent champagne and a promise to return next year. I hope I see you soon at one of our events. Sunday August 24th we are Beauregard Winery 10 Pine Flat Road Santa Cruz, CA 95060.  So make plans to see us soon.

Peace and friendship


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