Fall 2014

The Fall

Here in the Central Coast (sorry, I went to Humboldt State in Northern California) we are getting our best weather and hoping for rain. Meanwhile, the angle of the light hitting the earth makes everything here sort of dreamy in appearance. The ocean has the consistency of ice cream that reflects the colors of the setting sun.

Yes, its time to throw a party or find us at your local bars or wineries. The oysters are changing too from summer mode to winter, plumping up to be ready for the coming winter. They are coming into their best quality. Time to enjoy them again.

After 25+ years in business, I still have first time things and events. Later this month I will make a guest appearance at the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco (sorry, it’s a private affair). I will be sporting my new Chef’s jacket (thanks Parker). I am sure pictures will go out on Facebook. I feel like Billy Joel when he said on stage at the Carnegie Hall, “look Ma, I finally made it”. Then I remember, hey I already made it many years ago with all of you.  So thanks for being loyal, faithful customers. As I often say, you make the party! I hope we see you this fall.

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