Sunshine Day Dream

The equinox (equal nights) just happened. I am amazed how plants, animals, etc. respond to more daylight here in our area. That is especially amazing considering all we’ve been through this winter. We’ve been warped by the rain, driven by the snow… To riff on another concept, I think we are seeing an extraordinary example of the […]

So Dark, So Soon

Why is so dark at 5pm? Okay,  we know that daylight-savings time is done for 2022. On a recent Sunday, I was having a great dim sum dinner just under the Ghirardelli sign. As we strolled afterwards, I paused and took a look back @ Pier 45 where I collect all that seafood goodness each week. It took a […]

Fall is on

I know the fall equinox has past but I wanted to go back to the summer solstice for this. This photo was taken back in June and I have been saving this story since then. Each week I make the run to SF for  oysters at more or less the same time. I notice the […]

Truckin’….The Prequel

The bus came by and I got on. That’s when it all began. Before I was trucking for real (to interrupt that on-going series here)  I began the journey during my first year at university. It has been long strange trip for sure. This was taken at our duplex having escaped the confinement of the dorms after […]

Truckin… Day 2

The first days are the hardest days, don’t you worry anymore.  You may recall from last time that I moved to California with everything I owned in the back of my 1950 Chevy pickup.  This was the very next day and my first full day as a California resident. Today is the anniversary of that date. If […]

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