Green Flash 

The Green Flash I was cruising up Highway 1 on my way to the Jammin on Haight tie dye fashion show and the conditions were perfect to see the green flash ( . This flash can occur if it is perfectly clear over the ocean to the horizon. As the tip of the sun passes […]

Have to be Square to be cool? The world changes and people don’t remember when we didn’t have some “common” technologies. Caller ID, PIN numbers, iTunes and didn’t exist all that long ago. I am bad with technology. I don’t have a pin number, debit account , chip in my card (whatever that is). […]

Urgent: Bill the Oyster Man Newsletter

Is it May yet? Having been in the food business for all my life, I watch trends and wonder what’s next? Recently my family subscribed to Blue Apron, a service that delivers portioned meals our door. I wonder if this will become a trend. I like that there is no leftovers and I actually make […]

I Love My Van

I love my van. I almost got hit in a head-on while driving it two weeks ago. As I braked and swerved, I thought “don’t let this car hit on my wife’s side.” Then in a microsecond, “I’ll miss the van if it gets totaled”. It all happened in such a flash. Luckily it was […]

Fall 2014

The Fall Here in the Central Coast (sorry, I went to Humboldt State in Northern California) we are getting our best weather and hoping for rain. Meanwhile, the angle of the light hitting the earth makes everything here sort of dreamy in appearance. The ocean has the consistency of ice cream that reflects the colors […]

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