I Love My Van

I love my van. I almost got hit in a head-on while driving it two weeks ago. As I braked and swerved, I thought “don’t let this car hit on my wife’s side.” Then in a microsecond, “I’ll miss the van if it gets totaled”. It all happened in such a flash. Luckily it was […]

Fall 2014

The Fall Here in the Central Coast (sorry, I went to Humboldt State in Northern California) we are getting our best weather and hoping for rain. Meanwhile, the angle of the light hitting the earth makes everything here sort of dreamy in appearance. The ocean has the consistency of ice cream that reflects the colors […]

26th year of a wonderful tradition

Last weekend was my company’s 26th appearance in Woodside for a private backyard party known as the Woodside Oysterfest. This all started when the couple that hosts the party took a field class I was teaching for the Academy of Sciences on growing oysters.  In the early years it was just myself. Now we bring […]

My Mail List is back !

My swollen hand continues to puzzle my doctors. So with my extra time I decided to revive my old email list. I hope you enjoy hearing from the oysterman. As I hand entered HUNDREDS of your names and email addresses it brought great memories of friends I haven’t seen in such a long time. I […]

Summer Update

Wow. What a summer.  I have been dealing with an infection (the doctors think) in my left hand and so I have not been shucking much lately. My volunteer army has stepped up big time. I hope to be better soon as I miss the events. So what have I been doing? I am working […]

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