Shigoku Oysters

Shigoku oysters are also Miyagi oysters grown under specific methods and sorted to exacting specifications. I source my Shigoku oysters from the Taylor family’s operation in Shelton, Washington in south Puget Sound. The oysters have perfect shapes, deep bowls and are identical in appearance. The flavor is sweet with a hint of brine. The oysters are packed in specially designed trays and wooden boxes for shipment directly to consumers in Japan.

Taylor Shellfish Farms box - Shigoku Oyster

Taylor Shellfish Farms box - Shigoku Oyster Opened

Like Kusshi oysters, Shigoku oysters are also severely tumbled. This causes the fast growing Miyagi shells to break off, forcing the oyster’s growth to slow down. The result is thick-shelled oysters with round shapes and deep bowls.

Bushel of Shigoku Oysters

Yum. Here is a bushel of Shigoku oysters

Close up of Shigoku Oysters

Pictured are the oyster bags at low tide. Notice how clean the bags are, insuring maximum current flow bringing the algae needed for fattening the oysters.

Hanging bags for tumbling the oysters

Hanging bags with floatation to tumble the oysters on the rising and falling tides

Hanging bags for tumbling the oysters opposite site

A good comparison of Shigoku (on the left) to Kumamoto (on the right)

Comparision of Shigoku and Kumamoto Oyster

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