Son of Bill (the spirit lives on)

After Bill left this mortal world, folks have been asking about the fate of the business.  Bill was one of a kind, and no one can fill those size 13 EEEE shoes. He was great at bringing people together and sharing the joy and love of the moment. He built a strong team to replicate that special oyster bar experience in several places at the same time.

But we are happy to report good news. The band is playing on. Parker will continue to organize and deliver oyster bar happiness as he has done for the past 12 years. We’re not sure of the exact form the business will take but, as always, oysters will be on center stage. The team of Parker, Camila, Jack, Asher, Don, and others will continue to bring the best of the sea’s bounty to you.

We believe that the way to honor Bill is to carry on. You know he’ll be smiling with you when you enjoy that next oyster under the Bill the Oysterman banner. Contact Parker directly for any party/oyster needs. or 831.252.1300.

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