The Candyman Can

Caution: Bittersweet Story Ahead.  Ken C was a long time supporter and loyal fan of the oyster bar. In fact he was the very first person to reach out after the pandemic shutdown began in March 2020. He wanted to source some local Salmon and knew I had the connections. Then week by week, month by month, he bought oysters and other seafood as part of my PKPX service. He’d bring family and friends to those very first public events. Every week we’d rally at 5:30am on Fridays in the lot across from the Toll House in Los Gatos for him to collect oysters, or little aliens as he’d say. Then he just went radio silent. 

He was similar to Bill in many regards. Always a great laugh, and warm embrace (or just the energy when we ~had to distance). He cared deeply about his friends and all that was meaningful to them. I found out a few weeks later he had left this plane of existence (likely somewhere in the stars laughing with Bill early and often). 

I recently served oysters at his life celebration. I was struck my the number of nicknames he had, especially the Candyman (okay bubby was a close second). He actively maintained friendships over decades.  He was known to pick up the phone and call someone just because he was thinking of them. My challenge, and for us all, is to reach out to those we love. Let them know they are in out thoughts today; in this very moment.

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