The journey here

This photo was taken during my move to California in 1977. I got here as fast as I could. 
It occurred to me yesterday that I’ve had a truck all my adult life, save a few years.  I thought of this as I filled and emptied three full loads from my 1975 Chevy truck yesterday. Green waste and clean wood to the landfill (BTW we have one of the best ones in the world here. Another story for another day). That was followed by a third  load and distribution of organic compost for the garden. 

I am pictured here in my 1950 Chevy completing my drive across country with everything I owned in the back and my dog in the cab with me. This was taken in the desert just hours before I crossed the state line and into life as I know it. Way more stories to be told about this photo, the journey, and other trucks.

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