Truckin’….The Prequel

The bus came by and I got on. That’s when it all began. Before I was trucking for real (to interrupt that on-going series here)  I began the journey during my first year at university. It has been long strange trip for sure. This was taken at our duplex having escaped the confinement of the dorms after the first quarter at USF. It was Tampa after all and each day grew warmer. What better place to jump out on a motorcycle? Ah, to be 19 again. No, not really. 

I am so grateful for my life now. I get to bring oyster happiness to friends old and new. Who knows what journeys will start when we meet? To paraphrase the song, “there was Cowboy Bill at the wheel of the bus to never, never land.” Bill and I shared that merry prankster vibe. Now just moving it further from whatever plane.

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