Where to start?

I hardly know where to begin. This month brought amazing natural phenomenons, sounds & fury, devastation & loss. Given all the impacts of the CZU complex fires, here’s a resource for everyone. If you need help, please look here. If you can provide assistance, please reference this site to guide you. If you  can please consider helping someone you know directly or that has had an impact on your life. After all those years up on Zayante, I know the challenges we’ll facing in the weeks and months ahead. Several crew members and close friends of the oyster bar were impacted. My heart and love go out to all. As mentioned before, “after this is settled, we’ll remember how we treated each other.” 

This month started with rare bioluminescence on our local beaches. You’ll see below my favorite image (somehow the tune and lyrics come to mind, “I’d like to be, under the sea. In an octopus’s garden…). What a trip. 

For now, hold hands of those you can. Keep us all in your hearts. 

Peace, love, and bivalves, 


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