Equalizing (Day/Night)

This date is a close as we can get to the actual Equinox without going over (hint: It’s actually the next Tuesday). Equal days. Equal nights. We’ve been living through extraordinarily challenging times. Maybe we can begin to provide some balance and connection (at a safe distance with appropriate measures and all that). While it […]

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The more we get together

In 1980 when I first met Chris Benson, I was really struck by his, “everyday is like Christmas” attitude. Years later working and writing for Bill that same spirit was refined to his version “when I get to see you at the oyster bar.” I had my first large-ish (outdoors and all safe distances) event […]

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Nothing from September 30, 2020 to October 31, 2020.

Bill the Oysterman

My company brings the party to your party! We arrive and set up an oyster bar complete with a bed of iced oysters, various sauces that we make fresh to dress the oysters, and different hot sauces. We provide everything we need to set up, open and serve the oysters and then break it down and haul away the empty shells. We can offer different varieties of oysters in season from the west coast (Miyagis, Kumamotos, Kusshis, Shugokus, Olympias) or the east coast (Beausoleils, Wellfleets, Malpeques, and assorted Chesapeake Bay oysters). We also can provide eastern hard shell clams (little necks and small cherry stones). We regularly work with specific producers on a weekly basis, selecting the best production for the week. My expertise from 20 years as a grower and 37 years in the business enables me to determine what is the best possible product to serve for that week. I can also serve you raw clams, barbequed oysters, steamed mussels and clams and other prepared shellfish and proteins.

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