Equalizing (Day/Night)

This date is a close as we can get to the actual Equinox without going over (hint: It’s actually the next Tuesday). Equal days. Equal nights. We’ve been living through extraordinarily challenging times. Maybe we can begin to provide some balance and connection (at a safe distance with appropriate measures and all that).

While it will be some time before we can return to traditional retail (selling oysters by the shell), I found a way to be together. Eat what you like. Pay what you feel. I place my faith in my oyster loving pals and the universe. Loyal followers will note there is no secret word. Just be there and enjoy a moment in time together. I hope to see y’all there. 

Peace, love, and bivalves, 


p.s. if you do want to pre-order oysters in bulk, or full service by the half/dozen for pick up and take home, that can be arranged. Just contact me by Thursday 5pm.


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